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General Description

RDA8810P is a high performance, highly integrated system-on-chip solution for low cost, low power,GSM/GPRS/EDGE smartphone.
Integrating all essential electronic components, including AP MCU, GSM/GPRS/EDGE Module baseband,multimedia accelerators, quad band RF transceiver, saw-less, power management, audio amplifier onto a singlesystem on chip, RDA8810P offers best in class bill of material, space requirement and cost/feature ratio forcomplete phone handsets.
RDA8810P Is capable of running the ARM cortex-A5 32-bit RISC processor at up to 1.2GHz, support NAND flash memory, 32-bit mobile DDR for optimal performance. An extensive set of interfaces and connectivity peripherals are included to interface to cameras, touch-screen displays, MMC/SD cards, and external Bluetooth, WiFi, FM, GPS modules.
Built around a cost effective 32-bit XCPU RISC core running at up to 312MHz with 4kB of Instruction cache and 4k of Data cache, A high performance proprietary 16/32-bit digital signal processing engine can further improve overall performance and user experience when performing complex multimedia tasks.
RDA8810P is GPRS Class 12 enabled, EDGE, and supports Full Rate (FR), Half Rate (HR), Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) and Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) voice coders. It also integrates a SIM controller with integrated level shifters that can support three SIM cards. RDA8810 is available in a small footprint, fine pitch, 13X12, 351 ball TFBGA package.


   lAP MCU subsystem
      ARM Cortex-A5 32-bit RISC processor, with FPU and SIMD NEON engine, up to 1G Hz
      32kB L1 I-cache and 32kB L1 D-cache- 256kB unified L2 cache
      In-house VOC DSP for voice and image process
      64-bit AXI fabric, up to 400MHz
      64kB on-chip ROM for system boot
      64kB on-chip SRAM for internal use
   lmemory interface
       ♦Integrated 2Gb LPDDR2 SDRAM
Integrated 4Gb 8Bit 2.8V 4K SLC Nand Flash
       Two SDIO interfaces, for TF cards and WIFI
       support 4.4.1 EMMC interface
       support SPI-NAND and SPI-NOR
      Support 3 SIM cards and both 1.8V and 3.0V device
      USB2.0 high-speed OTG
      3 UARTs for GPS, BT, FM, and debugging interfaces
      3 SPI for peripheral devices
      3 I2C for peripheral devices
      1 I2S for peripheral devices
      4 10-bit GPADC for sampling peripheral signals
      64 GPIOs, includes 16 interruptable GPIOs
      Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) 1 PWL, 1 PWT and 1 LPG
      2 memory card controller
      8x8 Keypad scanner with multiple key detection, support ADC serial interface Keypad
   lSystem CPU(XCUP)
      RDA RISC Core 32x32 bits
      16/32 bit instruction set
      4KB I-cache and 4KB D-cache
   lBase Band CPU (BCPU)
      RDA RISC Core32x32 bits
      16/32 bit instruction set
      1KB I-cache and 1KB D-cache
      GSM/GPRS Dedicated accelerators
      RF Interface (RF IF)
      DigRF interface for communication with the integrated transceiver
      EGPRS class 12
   lRF Transceiver
      Quad bands integrated transceiver
      Integrated RF transceiver, Saw-Less, only needs external PA.
      Digital low-IF receiver
      Direct modulation transmitter
      Frequency synthesizer
      Integrated VCO, loop filters, etc.
      Digital AFC
      DigRF interface between digital baseband and transceiver
      RF FEM control
   lVoice and Modem codec
      Supports HR, FR, EFR, AMR voice codec
      Integrated microphone bias
      DTMF and Comfort Tone generator
      4 samples In and Out Fifos
      I2S / DAI Interface
      Serial Input / Output at 8/16 ks/s
      Can be used for test purpose in DAI mode
      Audio Interface To ABB
      13 bit RX Data from audio ADC
      16 bit TX Data to stereo DAC
   lLCD display
      Support LCD module interface with 8/16/24 bit parallel interface or SPI series interface
      Support RGB565/666/888 interface
      Typical image sizes: QCIF, QVGA, WQVGA, CIF,VGA,WVGA,FWVGA
      Support DSI interface, up to 1GHz
      Support image size up to qHD
      4-layers blending graphical engine capable of resizing and YUV2RGB conversion
      Support 2chip select
   lImage signal processor
      Support 8-bit parallel or 1/2/4-bit series interface
      Support CSI-2 interface, up to 1GHz
      Support up to 5Mpix sensor
      Separate video processor
      Decodes up to 1080p 30fps
      Encodes up to 1080p 30fps for H.264 format
      Separate graphic processor, Vivante’s GC860
      support OpenGLES1.1/2.0
      support OpenVG1.4
      support DirectFB
      support GDI/DirecShow
      30Triangle/s, 250Pixel/s
      2 channels voice ADC, 8kHz, 13 bits/sample for headset and on-board microphone
      Voice DAC, 8kHz, 13 bits/sample for receiver
      High fidelity Stereo DAC, up to 48kHz, 16 bits per sample
      Stereo Audio speaker driver
      1.5W differential output stereo amplifier for loudspeaker, Class K
      Stereo analog audio line input
   lPower Management
      Power On reset control
      Internal 32K OSC for standby/ shutoff/ sleep state
      Integrated Li-ion battery charger (from USB or AC charger)
      Integrated all internal voltages from VBAT
      Provide all LDOs for external components
      Integrated 4 DC-DC, 1 BOOST
      Integrated LCD backlight controller
      Integrated Touch screen controller
      Integrated RGB, keypad backlight controller


RDA8810P provides a single-chip baseband solutions for GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless smartphone.


Download: For Datasheet

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