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RDA5876A integrates industry-lead Bluetooth and FM radio tuner into one chip and is optimized for mobile applications. Bluetooth and FM can work simultaneously and independently, with low power consumption levels target to battery powered devices. For the highest integration level, the required board space has been minimized and customer cost has been reduced. Manufacturers can easily and fast integrate RDA5876A on their product to enable a rapid time to market.

RDA5876A uses CMOS process with a compact 4*4mm 32-pin QFN package.


1.1 Bluetooth Features

1.CMOS single-chip fully-integrated radio and baseband
2.Compliant with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR specification
3.Bluetooth Piconet and Scatternet support
4.ARM7-based microprocessor with on-chip ROM and RAM
5.Meet class 2 and class 3 transmitting power requirement, support class1 operation with external power amplifier
6.Provides +10dbm transmitting power
7.NZIF receiver with -90dBm sensitivity
8.Battery power supply directly with internal LDO
9.Support DCXO with internal oscillator circuit
10.Up-to 4Mbps high speed UART HCI support
11.Support AFH
12.Support 3-wire WIFI Co-existence handshake signals
13.Low power consumption
14.Minimum external component
15.Internal 32k LPO.


1.2 FM Features

1.CMOS single-chip fully-integrated FM tuner
2.Low power consumption
      Total current consumption lower than 20mA at 3.0V power supply
3.Support worldwide frequency band
      50 -115 MHz
4.Support flexible channel spacing mode
      100KHz, 200KHz, 50KHz and 25KHz
5.Support RDS/RBDS
6.Digital low-IF tuner
      Image-reject down-converter
      High performance A/D converter
      IF selectivity performed internally
7.Fully integrated digital frequency synthesizer
      Fully integrated on-chip RF and IF VCO
      Fully integrated on-chip loop filter
8.Autonomous search tuning
9.Support 32.768KHz crystal oscillator
10.Digital auto gain control (AGC) Digital adaptive noise cancellation
      Mono/stereo switch
      Soft mute
      High cut
11.Programmable de-emphasis (50/75 μs)
12.Receive signal strength indicator (RSSI)
13.Bass boost
14.Volume control
15.Line-level analog output voltage
16.I2C control bus interface
17.Directly support 32􀈍 resistance loading
18.Integrated LDO regulator
      1.8 to 5.5 V operation voltage


1.3 Applications

1.MP3,MP4 and PMP
3.Cordless phone

Download: For Datasheet

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